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BCBC ESC Line Collection

The BCBC ESC Line Collection is an information management system that features the collection and dissemination of information on ESC Lines that are useful for beta cell and/or pancreatic development research. The goal of this information resource is to promote sharing these cells in an effort to facilitate collaborations by sharing reagents such as these.

Recent additions to the collection

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ID ESC line name Parental cell line Genetic alteration Access
4547 Foxa2LCA TL-1 TM Restricted
4060 Foxm1LCA TL-1 TM Restricted
264 Foxo1LCA TL-1 TM Viewable
255 GckLCA TL-1 TM Viewable
761 GhrlCre-eGFP TL1-GhrlLCA RMCE Viewable
721 GhrlLCA TL-1 TM Viewable
4156 Ins2Apple.LCA TL-1 TM Restricted
256 Insm1LCA TL-1 TM Viewable
4072 Insm1Pdx1.YFP TL-1 RMCE Restricted
260 MIP-GFP Not available TG Viewable
4154 NepnCherry TL-1 TM Restricted
4529 Neurog3Cre-ER.BAC TL-1 TG Restricted
4536 Neurog3RG.BAC TL-1 TG Restricted
261 Ngn3-GFP Not available TG Viewable
4059 Ngn3HA.LCA TL-1 TM Restricted
4489 Ngn3T2A.nCre TL1-Ngn3.HA.LCA RMCE Restricted
4080 Nkx2.23XHA.Nkx2.2 TL-1 RMCE Restricted
4078 Nkx2.2cCre-Knock-in TL-1 RMCE Restricted
4093 Nkx2.2Cherry TL-1 RMCE Restricted
4087 Nkx2.2Cre.EGFP TL-1 RMCE Restricted
257 Nkx2.2LCA TL-1 TM Viewable
4527 Nkx2.2T2A.cCre TL1-Nkx2.2.TV RMCE Restricted
4123 Pax4HA.LCA TL-1 TM Restricted
4076 Pdx1AIVd TL-1 RMCE Restricted
1181 Pdx1CFP TL1 - Pdx1LCA clone 2F11 RMCE Viewable
Out of stock
4158 Pdx1Cre TL-1 RMCE Restricted
4144 Pdx1Cre.ER TL-1 RMCE Restricted
4539 Pdx1H2B.Neptune TL-1 RMCE Restricted
2241 Pdx1LCA TL-1 TM Viewable
Out of stock
4157 Pdx1rTTA TL-1 RMCE Restricted
253 Ptf1aLCA TL-1 TM Viewable
4015 Ptf1artTA TL-1 RMCE Restricted
4032 Ptf1atdTOM TL-1 RMCE Restricted
254 Ptf1aYFP ptf1aLCA RMCE Viewable
4562 R26.LSL.GCaMP5 TL-1 TM Restricted
4159 Rosa26228.3TF.GFP.Cre TL-1 RMCE Restricted
2822 Rosa26-228.3XCNotch.TA.Cerulean TL1-Rosa26(LCA) 5B9 RMCE Viewable
2842 Rosa26-228.6XNotch.TA.Cerulean TL-1 RMCE Viewable
4148 Rosa26228.TOP.CFP TL-1 RMCE Restricted
4074 Rosa263TF.Cherry TL-1 RMCE Restricted
4018 Rosa26Apple.bGsplicepA.Neo TL-1 RMCE Viewable
Out of stock
2562 Rosa26EN-CFP-bGpA-Neo TL1 Rosa26LCA clone 5B9 RMCE Viewable
Out of stock
2502 Rosa26EN-CFP-Neo TL1-Rosa26LCA 5B9 RMCE Viewable
2522 Rosa26EN.CFP.SV40.Neo TL1-Rosa26LCA 5B9 RMCE Viewable
2281 Rosa26EN-Cherry-Neo TL1-Rosa26LCA 5B9 RMCE Viewable
Out of stock
2542 Rosa26EN-GFP-Neo TL1 Rosa26LCA clone 5B9 RMCE Viewable
4017 Rosa26EN.YFP.bGsplicepA.Neo TL-1 RMCE Viewable
Out of stock
262 Rosa26LCA TL-1 TM Viewable
4024 Rosa26mIre1.IG.Cherry TL-1 RMCE Restricted
4160 Rosa26mIre1.N906A.Cherry TL-1 RMCE Restricted
4023 Rosa26mIre1.WT.Cherry TL-1 RMCE Restricted
4016 Rosa26Nepn.Cherry TL-1 RMCE Restricted
4019 Rosa26Ngn3.Mafa TL-1 RMCE Restricted
2401 Rosa26Non-EN-CFP-Neo TL1 Rosa26LCA clone 5B9 RMCE Viewable
Out of stock
4061 Rosa26Pdx1.YFP TL-1 RMCE Restricted
2782 Rosa26R26-228-AR8-TA-mCherry Rosa26LCA RMCE Viewable
982 Rosa26R26-228-DR5-TA-Cerulean TL1-Roas26[LCA] 5B9 RMCE Viewable
Out of stock
2002 Rosa26R26-228-IBRE4-TA-Cerulean Rosa26LCA clone 5B9 RMCE Viewable
2742 Rosa26R26-60-3XCNotch-TA-Cerulean TL1-Rosa26(LCA) 5B9 RMCE Viewable
2802 Rosa26R26-60-6XNotch-TA-Cerulean TL1-Rosa26(LCA) 5B9 RMCE Viewable
2762 Rosa26R26-60-AR8-TA-mCherry Rosa26LCA clone 5B9 RMCE Viewable
981 Rosa26R26-60-DR5-TA-Cerulean TL1-Rosa26LCA 5B9 RMCE Viewable
Out of stock
2001 Rosa26R26-60-IBRE4-TA-Cerulean Rosa26LCA clone 5B9 RMCE Viewable
4056 Rosa26Setd5.GFP TL-1 RMCE Restricted
4029 Rosa26Sox9.Cherry TL-1 RMCE Restricted
4031 Rosa26TetO.NRSF TL-1 RMCE Restricted
1961 Rosa26tm1(Ccnd1)Stang TL-1 RMCE Viewable
Out of stock
602 Sox17GFP TL1 - Sox17[LCA] 1G3 RMCE Viewable
263 Sox17LCA TL-1 TM Viewable
4545 Sst.rTTA.LCA TL-1 TM Restricted

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