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MIP-GFP - ES Cell Line RES260

ESC Line Information

Cell Line Name: MIP-GFP
Parental Cell Line: Not provided
Background Strain: 129
Culturing Protocol: Not provided.
Description: New ESC line derived from MIP-GFP mice (Hara et al. 2003,Am J Physiol Endocrinol Metab. 284: E177-83). Genetic background is C57Bl6/J. When injected into E3.5 mouse blastocysts this line contributes to chimeras and Insulin+/GFP+ double positive cells are found in E14.5 embryonic pancreas. No GFP+ cells are seen outside the pancreas.

Genetic Alterations

1) BAC or Transgene Insertion
Type of Vector Plasmid
Promoter Insulin 1 (Ins1 - MGI:16333)
Expressed Gene Green Fluorescent Protein (Gfp)
Description of Transgene Not provided
Vector Genbank File Not provided
PubMedID Citation
12388130 Transgenic mice with green fluorescent protein-labeled pancreatic beta -cells. (2003) Am J Physiol Endocrinol Metab 284: E177-83 (Added 2012-11-08 15:33:55.474277)

Associated Images

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Magnuson Lab
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Contact Information

Preferred Contact
Name Palle Serup
Institution University of Copenhagen
Phone +45 35 33 51 95
Email palle.serup@sund.ku.dk

Associated Publications

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embryonic, es, esc, GFP, Insulin, MIP-GFP, stem

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Approved on Jun 19, 2008
Last modified on Jun 19, 2008
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