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Transcriptional Networks in Liver: HNF6 function is largely independent of Foxa2 - Study GBCO2040

Genomics Study Specifications

Study Name Transcriptional Networks in Liver: HNF6 function is largely independent of Foxa2
Contact Name Klaus Kaestner (University of Pennsylvania)
Publication http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/16055718
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Classification Targets and roles of transcriptional regulators
BCBC Release Date April 13, 2009
Public Release Date April 13, 2009
Citation Rubins NE, Friedman JR, Le PP, Zhang L, Brestelli J, Kaestner KH. Transcriptional networks in the liver: hepatocyte nuclear factor 6 function is largely independent of Foxa2. Mol Cell Biol. 2005. 25:7069-77
The aim of this study was to test, in vivo, if Foxa2 inhibits HNF6-mediated transcription in the liver. We utilized hepatocyte-specific gene ablation of Foxa2 and the Mouse PromoterChip BCBC 3.0 and Mouse PancChip 5.0 cDNA microarrays to investigate HNF6 binding to its target promoters in vivo in the presence or absence of Foxa2. For the mouse promoter microarray analysis, chromatin immunoprecipitation using anti-HNF6 antibodies was performed on chromatin isolated from Foxa2loxP/loxP Alfp.Cre and control mouse livers. Along with sheared genomic DNA (common reference), the immunoprecipitated DNA was amplified, labeled and hybridized to the Mouse PromoterChip BCBC 3.0. For microarray analysis of gene expression, liver RNAs were isolated from three Foxa2loxP/loxP Alfp.Cre and three control mice. RNAs were reverse transcribed, labeled, and hybridized to the Mouse PancChip 5.0. Overall, our studies demonstrate that HNF6 binds to and regulates its target promoters in vivo in the presence and absence of Foxa2 and that the expression levels of HNF6 targets are not influenced by Foxa2.
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Platform types TF Binding, TF Binding ChIP-chip, Expression microarray, Expression
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  • dye_swap_design
  • genetic_modification_design
  • reference_design
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Kaestner Lab
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