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Resource Tags

This page display all tags associated with resources available on this website. A tag is a keyword or term assigned to a piece of information, such as our resources. Tags help describe our resources in ways not supported by our data standards and collection mechanisms. Tags are chosen informally and personally by the resource's creator or by its viewer. For example, should you might want to tag antibodies against Brachyury with the tag "endoderm". See the tutorial.

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1(1) 1a(2) 4x44k(3) Abcc8(2) Acaca(1) Acacb(1) ACC1(1) ACC2(1) ACS-1(1) AdCMV-betaGAL(1) AdCMV-Nkx6.1(1) adenovirus(137) Adra2a(1) Aequorea victoria(2) Affymetrix GeneChip Mouse Genome 430 2.0 array(1) affymetrix genechip mouse promoter 1.0r array(1) Affymetrix GeneChip Rat Genome 230 2.0 Array(2) Affymetrix HG-U133A(1) Affymetrix HG-U133B(1) Affymetrix Human Genome U133 Plus 2.0(1) Affymetrix MG_U74Av2(4) Affymetrix MG_U74Bv2(1) Affymetrix MG_U74Cv2(1) Affymetrix MOE430A(1) Affymetrix Mouse430 2.0(4) affymetrix mouse genome 430 2.0 array(1) Agilent Mouse Promoter Whole Genome ChIP-on chip Set 244K(1) agilent whole human genome microarray(3) Agilent Whole Human Genome Microarray 4x44K [G4112F](1) Akt2 thymoma viral proto-oncogene 2(1) Aldoa(1) Aldob(1) aldolase A(1) alpha(3) alpha1-PL-AMP kinase(1) Alpha cells(3) alpha non-neuron(1) alpha polypeptide 4(1) alpha subunit(1) Amy2(1) amylase(2) amylase 2(1) antibody(175) APOC3(1) apolipoprotein C-III TTR(1) argininosuccinate synthetase 1(2) Arnt(1) ARNT(1) ArrayTAG 20k murine gene collection Rhbdl3(1) Arx(3) Arx knockout mice(1) Arxtm1Pgr(1) aryl hydrocarbon receptor nuclear translocator(1) Ass1(2) Atf4(2) ATP-binding cassette(1) Autosomal beta-cell toxigene strain(1) B6.129S-Neurog3tm1(EGFP)Khk/Mmcd(1) B6.CBA-Tg(Gcg-cre)1Herr/Mmnc(1) B6;D2-Tg(NEUROG3-cre)1Herr(1) baculoviral IAP repeat-containing 5(2) batf2(3) b-catenin(1) BETA2(1) beta 3(1) Beta cell, IC2(1) beta Galactosidase(1) BetaTC6(3) bioimage(2) bioimg(65) biotinTag-Ptf1a(1) Bip(1) Birc5(3) Bmp1(2) bone morphogenetic protein 1(1) Bovine(2) bovine(1) Btc(1) cadherin(1) Car9(1) carbohydrate sulfotransferase 2(1) carbonic anhydrase 9(1) Carboxypeptidase A(1) Carboxypeptidase A1 (CPA1)(1) CART(3) caudal type homeo box 2(1) Cbp/p300-interacting transactivator with Glu/Asp-rich carboxy-terminal domain 1(1) CCAAT/enhancer binding protein (C/EBP)(1) CCL2(1) CCL4(1) Ccna2(1) Ccnb1(1) ccnb1(2) CCND1(1) CCND2(1) Ccnd2(1) CCND3(1) Ccne1(1) CD141(1) CD142(1) CD-200(2) CD238(1) Cd31 (PECAM1)(1) CD40(1) CD49e(1) CDCP1(2) CDH1(1) CDH2(1) CDK4(1) Cdk4(1) CDK6(3) Cdx2(1) cdx2(3) Cebpd(1) C/EBPd(1) Cela1(1) Celsr3(1) Chicken(4) Chick HNF3Beta(1) cholinergic receptor(1) Chrna4(1) Chromogranin A(2) Chst2(1) CIC(1) Cish(1) Cish3(1) Cited1(1) clade A(1) Cleaved Notch1(1) c-myc(1) Coagulation factor 3(rhF3)(1) Cow(2) C-peptide(1) C-peptide 1(2) C-peptide 2(1) CPT1(1) Cpt1a(1) Cre(1) Crem(1) ctcf(2) CXCL1(1) CXCL2(1) CXCL3(1) cyclin A2(1) cyclin B1(1) cyclin E1(1) Cytokeratin 7(1) Dach1(1) DBI(1) Dbp(1) Ddit3(1) DDR1(2) delta(1) delta 2(1) delta-like 1 homolog (Drosophila)(1) DIC(1) Disp2(2) Dlk1(1) Dll1 delta-like 1 (Drosophila)(1) Dll1flox(1) Dnajc10(1) dnasei(1) DNER(1) Drosophila)(1) Duck(1) early growth response 1(1) E-cadherin(2) E. coli(3) ectodin(1) Edem3(1) Eef1g(1) EGF LAG seven-pass G-type receptor 3 (flamingo homolog(1) eGFP(1) EGFP(1) Egr1(2) Egr-1(1) Egr2(1) Eif2ak3(1) Ela1(1) embryonic(68) Endothelial cells(1) Eno1(1) enolase 1(1) Enterobacteria phage P1(1) Epcam(1) epithelial cell adhesion molecule(1) Ero1lb(2) es(68) esc(68) Etv1(1) eukaryotic translation initiation factor 2 alpha kinase 3(1) faire-seq(1) family member 1(1) family member 2(1) family member 3(1) Fas(1) Fbp1 fructose bisphosphatase 1(1) Fbxl17(1) Fbxl21(1) Fbxo27(1) Fbxw15(1) Fev(1) Ffar2(1) fibronectin leucine rich transmembrane protein 2(1) Firefly(1) Flrt2(1) forkhead box A1(1) forkhead box A2(2) forkhead box A3(1) Fos(2) Fosb(1) Foxa1(1) Foxa2(2) FoxA2(1) Foxa2 (HNF3b)(1) Foxa2LCA(1) Foxa3(1) Foxa3-Cre(1) Foxm1LCA(1) Foxo1.DBD(1) Foxo1(GFP)(1) Foxo1tm1(DBD)Dac(1) Foxo1tm1(GFP)Dac(1) free fatty acid receptor 2(1) fructose-bisphosphate(1) FXYD2(1) G6Pase(1) G6pc(1) G6PDH(1) G6PT1(1) Ga11(1) Gallbladder mucosal epithelium(4) gamma 4(1) Gapdh(1) GAPDH(1) Gapdhg(1) gap junction protein(1) GaS(2) Gas(1) Gast(1) GATA-4(1) Gata6(1) GATA binding protein 6(1) Gcg(3) GCG(2) GcgR(2) GCGR(1) Gck(4) GCK(7) GckLCA(1) Gcktm1.1Mgn(1) Gdf10(1) Gdf3(1) GDH(1) GFAP(1) Gfra3(1) GGR(1) ghrelin(5) GhrlCre-eGFP(2) GhrlLCA(1) Ghrltm1(Cre-eGFP)Suss(1) GILZ(1) Gjd2(1) GK(6) gkA456V(1) gkK414E(1) gklox(1) GL(2) glial cell line derived neurotrophic factor family receptor alpha 3(1) GLK(6) Glp1r(2) glpK(1) glucagon(3) Glucagon(2) Glucagon-Cre(1) Glucagon-DTR(1) Glucagon (GCG)(2) Glucagon-rtTA(1) Glucagon:rtTA(1) glucokinase(1) glucose phosphate isomerase(1) GLUKA(3) Glut1(1) Glut2(1) GLUT2(2) Glut-2(1) glutathione peroxidase 1(1) glyceraldehyde-3-phosphate dehydrogenase(1) glypican 3(1) GM(8) Gng4(1) GO:0006729(1) Goose(1) Gpc3(1) GPI(1) Gpi1g(1) Gpr39-1a(1) GPR40(1) Gpr43(1) Gpx1(1) Green Fluorescent Protein(2) group A(1) growth differentiation factor 10(1) GSE3544(1) Gt(ROSA)26Sortm1(Myt1*)Hri(1) Gt(ROSA)26Sortm2.1(mix1b-mCherry)Mgn(1) guanine nucleotide binding protein (G protein)(1) GUCY1B3(2) Gyg(1) Gyg1(1) h3k27me3(1) H3K27me3(1) H3K4me1(1) h3k4me1(1) h3k4me3(2) H3K4me3(1) h3k79me2(1) H6PD(1) Hadh(3) Hadhsc(3) Hamster(5) hdac9(3) heat shock protein 1B(1) hematopoietically expressed homeobox(1) hepatic nuclear factor 4(2) hepatocyte nuclear factor 4(1) HGU133 Plus 2.0 Affymetrix array(1) Hhex(1) HHF3(6) HIBADH(1) Hif1a(1) HIF1B(1) HIF1BETA(1) HIP-14 ZDHHC17(1) HK 1(1) HK4(6) HKIV(6) Hlxb9(1) Hmox1(1) Hnf1a(1) HNF1A(1) Hnf1-alpha(1) HNF1 homeobox A(2) HNF-1β(1) Hnf3a(1) HNF3beta(1) Hnf4a(2) HNF4A(1) HNF6(2) Hnf6(1) HNF6flox(1) hopx(3) Hopx(1) HOXB7(1) HOXB 9(1) hpa1(2) hpd1(1) hpd3(1) hpi2(2) hpx1(1) HSL(1) Hsp70(1) Hspa1b(1) Hspa5(1) Hu13K 2(1) Hu ES-Derived Early Endoderm(3) Human(108) HXKP(6) hydroxyacyl-Coenzyme A dehydrogenase(3) hyperinsulinemic hypoglycemia(2) hypoxia inducible factor 1(1) IA-1(1) IA1 (Insm-1)(1) Iapp(1) IAPP(1) ICDc(4) Idh1(2) Idx1(1) IDX-1(1) Ier2(1) IFNG(1) Igf2(1) Igf2bp1(1) Il17(1) Il17a(1) IL1B(1) Il1rn(1) Il6(1) Il-6(1) Illumina Genome Analyzer(1) Illumina mouseRef-8 v1.1 expression beadchip(1) Illumina MouseRef-8 v2.0 expression beadchip(1) INHBA(1) INS(3) Ins1(4) Ins1-mRFP(1) Ins2(4) Ins2Apple.LCA(1) Insm1(2) Insm1GFP/Cre(1) Insm1LCA(1) Insm1Pdx1.YFP(1) Insm1tm1.1Mgn(1) Insr(1) insulin(2) Insulin(5) Insulin-Cre(1) Insulin-CreER(1) insulinI(1) insulin I(1) insulin II(2) insulin-like growth factor 2(1) insulin-like growth factor 2 mRNA binding protein 1(1) insulinoma-associated 1(1) insulin receptor(1) insulin receptor substrate 2(1) interleukin 17A(1) interleukin 6(1) Ipf1(2) IPF-1(1) Iroquois related homeobox 1 (Drosophila)(1) Iroquois related homeobox 2 (Drosophila)(1) Irs2(2) Irx1(1) Irx2(2) irx2(3) irx-2(3) Isl1(3) ISL1(1) ISL1 transcription factor(1) Islet-1(1) islet amyloid polypeptide Rhoq(1) Islet Delta Cells(1) isoenzyme 1(1) ITGA5(1) Itk(1) Jagged1(1) Jellyfish(1) Jun(1) Junb(1) kallikrein related-peptidase 8(1) Kcnj11(1) Kcnk3(1) KEL(1) keratin 19(1) Ki67(1) killer cell lectin-like receptor(1) killer cell lectin-like receptor subfamily A(1) killer cell lectin-like receptor subfamily B member 1A(1) killer cell lectin-like receptor subfamily B member 1C(1) Klk8(1) Klra13(1) Klra3(1) Klra8(1) Klrb1a(1) Klrb1c(1) Krt19(1) lactate dehydrogenase A(1) lacZ(1) Laminin(1) Ldha(1) LDHA, rat(1) Ldhd(2) lep(2) lhx1(1) Lhx1(1) ligand-gated ion channel(1) LIM/homeodomain(1) LION Mouse cDNA array(1) locus 2 (Drosophila)(3) low density lipoprotein receptor-related protein 11(1) Lrp11(3) lucose phosphate isomerase 1(1) Ly49c(1) Ly49h(1) Ly49M(1) MafA(2) Mafa(2) Mafafl/+ or Mafalox/w(1) Mafb(1) MafB(2) mafb(3) MAFB(1) mArx(1) MCD(4) MCP-1(1) ME1(2) ME2(5) member 1(1) member 13(1) member 2(2) member 3(2) member 5(1) member 6(1) member 8(2) member Q Ren1(1) MGP(1) MIP-1beta(1) MIP-GFP(2) MIP-GFP transgenic mouse(1) MIP-Luc-VU(1) miscellaneous resource(48) Mlxipl(1) MLYCD(4) MnSOD(1) Mnx1(1) MODY2(6) Mody4(1) Mo ES-Derived Definitive Endoderm(2) Mo ES-Derived Early Endoderm(7) Monoclonal(79) motor neuron and pancreas homeobox 1(1) mouse(121) Mouse(67) Mouse PancChip 4.0(1) Mouse PancChip 5.0(1) Mouse PancChip 6.0(1) Mouse PancChip 6.1(2) Mouse PancChip 6.1 Ero1l(1) Mouse PancChip 6.1 Mafa(1) Mouse PanchChip 5.0(1) Mouse PromoterChip 5A.0(1) Mouse PromoterChip 5B.0(1) mouse strain(120) Mt1aH(1) Muc1(2) Myc(1) myelin transcription factor 1(1) Myt1(2) Myt1Flox(1) N-cadherin(1) Nepn(1) NepnCherry(1) nerve growth factor(1) Nes(1) nestin(1) Neurod(2) Neurod1(7) NEUROD1(1) NeuroD/lacZ Knock-In(1) Neurog3(12) NEUROG3(2) Neurog3Cre-ER.BAC(1) Neurog3RG.BAC(1) Neurog3tm2(EGFP)Ggr(1) neurogenic differentiation 1(4) neurogenin 3(8) Neurogenin 3(1) neuronatin(1) Ngf(1) Ngfr(1) Ngn3(8) ngn3(8) ngn3-Cre(1) Ngn3-Cre(1) ngn3-EGFP(1) Ngn3EGFP/+(1) Ngn3EYFP/+(1) Ngn3 EYFP/ mouse(1) Ngn3-GFP(1) Ngn3(HA.LCA)(2) Ngn3HA.LCA(1) Ngn3-IRES-NLS-LacZ(1) Ngn3nCre(1) Ngn3T2A.nCre(2) Ngn3T2A.nCreGgu(1) Ngn3tm1(tTA)Hri(1) Ngn3-tTA(1) nicotinic(1) NK2 transcription factor related(3) NK6 homeobox 1(4) Nkrp1a(1) Nkrp1c(1) NKX2-2(1) Nkx2-2(5) Nkx2.2(6) Nkx2.23XHA.Nkx2.2(1) Nkx2.2(3XHA.Nkx2.2)Suss(1) Nkx2.2(cCre-Knock-in)(1) Nkx2.2cCre-Knock-in(1) Nkx2.2Cherry(1) Nkx2.2Cre.EGFP(1) Nkx2.2(Cre.EGFP)Suss(1) Nkx2.2(Cre-Knock-in)(1) Nkx2.2:LacZ(1) Nkx2.2LCA(1) Nkx2.2:NK2domain mutation(1) Nkx2.2 null(1) Nkx2.2:rtTA(1) Nkx2.2T2A.cCre(2) Nkx2.2T2A.cCreGgu(1) Nkx2-2tm1Suss(1) Nkx2-2tm2Suss(1) Nkx2-2tm3Suss(1) Nkx2-2tm4Suss(1) Nkx2.2 TN mutation(1) NKX6-1(1) Nkx6-1(5) Nkx6.1(17) Nkx6.1DsRed2/+(1) Nkx6.1flox(1) Nkx6-1tm2(flox)Msan(1) Nnat(3) NOD.Cg-Prkdcscid Il2rgtm1Wjl H2-Ab1tm1Gru Tg(HLA-DRB1)31Dmz/SzJ(1) NOD.Cg-Prkdcscid Il2rgtm1Wjl Tg(HLA-A/H2-D/B2M)1Dvs/SzJ(1) NOD.Cg-Prkdcscid Il2rgtm1Wjl Tg(Ins1-EGFP/GH1)14Hara/Sz(2) NOD.Cg-Rag1tm1Mom Il2rgtm1Wjl/Sz(2) NOD-Rag1nullIL2rgnullIns2Akita(1) NOD-Rag1nullPrf1null(1) NOD-Rag IL2rγnull Ins2Akita(1) NOD-Rag-Perforin Akita(1) NOD-scidIL2gnull(1) NOD-scid IL2rgamma AB Tg(HLA-DR4)(1) NOD-scid IL2Rγnull(1) NOG(1) noggin(1) Nr5a2(1) NSG-HLA-A2/HHD(1) nuclear receptor subfamily 5(1) Nupr1(1) OC-1tm1.1Mga(1) OE.Hamster.Nkx6.1.CMV(1) OE.Unclassified.lacZ.CMV Ad-siNkx6.1 RNAi.Rat.Nkx6.1.HI-RNA(1) ONECUT1(1) Onecut1(2) Onecut2(1) Onecut3(1) one cut domain(2) one cut homeobox 1(1) Operon Rat 27K Array 1(1) Over-expression(101) OXCT1(1) P2rx1(1) paired box gene 4(2) paired box gene 6(1) pancreas specific transcription factor(2) pancreatic(1) pancreatic and duodenal homeobox 1(4) Pancreatic duct and acinar cells(1) Pancreatic duct cells(4) Pancreatic Ducts(3) Pancreatic endocrine cells(6) Pancreatic exocrine cells(2) pancreatic polypeptide(1) Pancreatic Polypeptide (PPY)(1) Pap(1) Pax4(10) Pax4HA.LCA(1) Pax4(HA.LCA)Ggu(2) Pax6(5) PAX6(2) Pax8(1) PC(2) Pcdh21(1) pcklox(1) pcktm1.1Mgn(1) Pcsk1(2) Pcsk2(1) Pcx(2) Pdia4(1) Pdia6(1) Pdk1(1) PDK1(1) PDK2(1) Pdx1(13) PDX1(13) pdx-1(1) Pdx1AIVd(1) Pdx1(AIVd)Rwst(1) Pdx1CFP(2) Pdx1(CFP)Mgn(1) Pdx1Cre(2) Pdx1(Cre-ER)(2) Pdx1Cre.ER(1) Pdx1CreMgn(1) Pdx1deltaII(1) Pdx1deltaI-II-III(1) Pdx1-EGFP(1) Pdx1Flox123(1) Pdx1FloxE2(1) Pdx1.H2B.Apple(1) Pdx1H2B.Neptune(1) Pdx1LCA(1) Pdx1-Ngn3-ER(1) Pdx1rTTA(1) Pdx1tm4Cvw(1) Pdx1-tTA(1) pdx2E3(1) pdx-CC4(1) Pdx-cre-ERTM(1) PECAM-1(1) Perk(1) peroxiredoxin 2(1) Pgam1(1) Pgk1(1) PHHI(1) phosphoglycerate kinase 1(1) phosphoglycerate mutase 1(1) Pig(1) Pig_Array_Ready Oligo set v1.0(1) PLCB1(1) PLCB3(1) PLCD1(1) Polyclonal(96) potassium channel(1) PPARgammalox(1) PPG34(1) Ppy(2) PPYLUC(1) Prdx2(1) Prl2c5(1) Prlr(1) Pro-Insulin(1) proprotein convertase subtilisin/kexin type 1(1) prospero-related homeobox 1(1) protein A (avian)(1) protein-glutamine-gamma-glutamyltransferase)(1) protocadherin 21(1) protocol(53) Prox1(3) PSARL(1) Ptf1a(3) ptf1a(1) Ptf1a-Cre(1) Ptf1aflox(1) Ptf1aLCA(1) ptf1aLCA(1) Ptf1aLCA-CreER(1) Ptf1artTA(2) Ptf1atdTOM(1) Ptf1atdTomato(1) Ptf1atm1Mgn(1) Ptf1atm2(cre/ESR1)Cvw(1) Ptf1atm2(rtTA)Mgn(1) Ptf1atm3Cvw(1) Ptf1atm3Macd(1) Ptf1a(tTAoff)(1) Ptf1a-W298A(1) Ptf1aYFP(1) ptf1aYFP(1) PTG(5) purinergic receptor P2X(1) pyruvate dehydrogenase kinase(1) Rabbit(8) Rasgef1b(1) Rasgrf1(1) ras homolog gene family(1) Rat(88) rbpjl(1) Rbpjl-lacZKO(1) Reg2(1) Reg3a(2) Reg3b(2) Reg3g(1) regenerating islet-derived 2(1) regenerating islet-derived 3 alpha(1) regenerating islet-derived 3 beta(1) regenerating islet-derived 3 gamma(1) renin 1 structural(1) rest(1) reticulon 4(1) retinoid X receptor gamma(1) Rfx6(1) Rhbdl4(1) rhomboid(1) riclox(1) RictorlacZ(1) RIP-DTR(1) RIP-DTR X(1) RNAi(36) RNGK2(3) Rosa26228.3TF.GFP-Cre(1) Rosa26228.3TF.GFP.Cre(1) Rosa26228.3TF.GFP-CreMgn(1) Rosa26-228.3XCNotch.TA.Cerulean(1) Rosa26-228.6XNotch.TA.Cerulean(1) Rosa26(228.AR8.TA.mCherry)Mgn(1) Rosa26228.TOP.CFP(2) Rosa26228.TOP.CFPHri(1) Rosa263TF.Cherry(1) Rosa26(3TF.Cherry)Mgn(2) Rosa26-60.IBRE4.TA.Cerulean(1) Rosa26(-60.IBRE4.TACerulean)Hri(1) Rosa26Apple.bGsplicepA.Neo(1) Rosa26(CFP)Mgn(1) Rosa26EN-CFP-bGpA-Neo(1) Rosa26EN-CFP-Neo(1) Rosa26EN.CFP.SV40.Neo(1) Rosa26EN-Cherry-Neo(1) Rosa26(EN.Cherry.Neo)Mgn(1) Rosa26EN-GFP-Neo(1) Rosa26EN.YFP.bGsplicepA.Neo(1) Rosa26LCA(2) Rosa26LCA clone 5B9(3) ROSA26-LSL-mtGCK(1) Rosa26MafA-Cherry(1) Rosa26(mIre1.IG.Cherry)(1) Rosa26mIre1.IG.Cherry(1) Rosa26mIre1.N906A.Cherry(2) Rosa26mIre1.N906A.CherryMgn(1) Rosa26(mIre1.WT.Cherry)(1) Rosa26mIre1.WT.Cherry(1) Rosa26(mlre1.IG.Cherry)Fpa(1) Rosa26[Nepn.Cherry](1) Rosa26Nepn.Cherry(1) Rosa26Ngn3.CFP(1) Rosa26(Ngn3.CFP)Mgn(1) Rosa26Ngn3.Mafa(1) ROSA26Nkx2.2.CFP(1) Rosa26Non-EN-CFP-Neo(1) Rosa26Pdx1.YFP(1) Rosa26(Pdx1.YFP)Mgn(2) Rosa26R26-228-AR8-TA-mCherry(1) Rosa26R26-228-DR5-TA-Cerulean(2) Rosa26R26-228-IBRE4-TA-Cerulean(2) Rosa26R26-60-3XCNotch-TA-Cerulean(1) Rosa26R26-60-6XNotch-TA-Cerulean(1) Rosa26R26-60-AR8-TA-mCherry(1) Rosa26R26-60-DR5-TA-Cerulean(2) Rosa26R26-60-IBRE4-TA-Cerulean(1) Rosa26Setd5.GFP(1) Rosa26(Setd5.GFP)Mgn(1) Rosa26Sox9.Cherry(1) Rosa26TetO.NRSF(1) Rosa26(TetO.NRSF)Msan(2) Rosa26(TetO.Sox9)Msan(1) Rosa26tm1(Ccnd1)(1) Rosa26tm2Mgn(1) Rosa26tm3Mgn(1) Rosa26tm4Mgn(1) Rosa26(YFP)Mgn(1) ROSAloxP-STOP-LoxP-Myt1(1) Rosetta/Merck Mouse 44k 1.0 microarray(1) Rtn4(1) rtTA(1) Rxrg(1) SACO(1) Santa Cruz Ab sc-6547(1) Santa Cruz Ab sc-6556(1) Santa Cruz cs-8987(1) SCHAD(1) schad, Hadhsc(2) sclerostin domain containing 1(1) SCOT(1) scrambled(2) seizure related 6 homolog like 2(1) serine (or cysteine) peptidase inhibitor(1) Serpina6(1) Sez6l2(4) Shh(2) si:dkeyp-93d12.2(1) Sim1(1) single-minded homolog 1 (Drosophila)(1) Slc25a1(1) Slc25a10(1) Slc2a1(1) Slc2a2(4) SLC37A4(1) Slc38a5(1) smooth muscle actin(1) SNAI2(1) Socs2(1) Socs3(1) Socs-3(1) SOCS-3(2) Sod2(1) solute carrier family 2 (facilitated glucose transporter)(2) solute carrier family 38(1) Somatostatin(1) somatostatin(2) Somatostatin (Sst)(2) Sostdc1(1) Sox11(1) Sox12(1) Sox13 SRY-box containing gene 13(1) Sox17(3) SOX17(1) Sox17CreERT2(1) Sox17GFPCre(2) Sox17(GFPCre)Mgn(1) Sox17LCA(1) Sox2(3) Sox4(1) Sox9(2) Spink3(1) Srebf1(1) Srebf2(1) SRY-box containing gene 11(1) SRY-box containing gene 12(1) SRY-box containing gene 2(2) SRY-box containing gene 4(1) SRY-box containing gene 9(1) Ssi-3(1) SST(1) Sst(2) Sst.rTTA.LCA(2) SstrTTA.LCA.Mgn(1) Stat1a(2) stem(68) Stf1(1) STF-1(1) STOCK Ptf1atm1(cre)Cvw(1) STOCK Tg(Foxa3-cre)1Khk(1) STOCK-Tg(Pdx1-cre)1Dam/Ucd(1) subfamily A(2) sub-family C (CFTR/MRP)(1) subfamily K(1) suppressor of cytokine signaling 3(1) Sur1neo(1) survivin40(1) synaptophysin(1) Synaptophysin (SYP)(1) Syp(1) tA(1) T (Brachyury)(1) Tcf1(1) Tcf15(1) tcf7l2(2) TetO-CyclinD1-T286A/Cherry(1) tetO-Pdx1-lacZ(1) tetO-Ptf1a-lacZ(1) tetrahydrobiopterin biosynthesis(1) Tff3(1) Tgfa(1) Tg(Ins1-EGFP/GH1)14Hara(1) TGM2(1) THBD(1) thioredoxin interacting protein(1) Thy1(1) TL-1(45) TL1-GhrlLCA(1) TL1-Ngn3.HA.LCA(1) TL1-Nkx2.2.TV(1) TL1 - Pdx1LCA clone 2F11(1) TL1-Roas26[LCA] 5B9(1) TL1-Rosa26(LCA) 5B9(3) TL1-Rosa26LCA 5B9(4) TL1 Rosa26LCA clone 5B9(3) TL1 - Sox17[LCA] 1G3(1) Tm4sm4(1) Tmem27(3) Tnf(1) TNF-alpha(2) Tnfrsf11b(1) tox3(1) Tph1(1) Tph2(1) Tpi1(1) transcription factor 15(1) transglutaminase 2 (C polypeptide(1) transmembrane protein 27(2) transthyretin MARCKS myristoylated alanine-rich protein kinase C substrate(1) Trib3(1) triosephosphate isomerase 1(1) TSPAN7(1) Tubb3(1) tubulin(1) Tuj1 (TUBB3)(1) tumor necrosis factor(1) TWIST2(1) Txnip(1) TXNIP(1) UBC12 homolog, yeast(2) Ube2m(2) UCP2(1) UCSF-MMC-Fantom(1) Unclassified(15) Vdr(1) VEGFA(1) veinlet-like 3 (Drosophila)(1) Vhl(1) Vhlh(1) Vim(1) vimentin(1) v-maf musculoaponeurotic fibrosarcoma oncogene family(1) von Hippel-Lindau syndrome(1) Wfs1(2) X-linked toxigene strain(1) ZsFP506(1) α-Amylase (AMY2A)(1)

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