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Resource Tags

This page display all tags associated with resources available on this website. A tag is a keyword or term assigned to a piece of information, such as our resources. Tags help describe our resources in ways not supported by our data standards and collection mechanisms. Tags are chosen informally and personally by the resource's creator or by its viewer. For example, should you might want to tag antibodies against Brachyury with the tag "endoderm". See the tutorial.

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antibody(175) adenovirus(137) mouse(121) mouse strain(120) Human(108) Over-expression(101) Polyclonal(96) Rat(88) Monoclonal(79) embryonic(68) es(68) esc(68) stem(68) Mouse(67) bioimg(65) protocol(53) miscellaneous resource(48) TL-1(45) RNAi(36) Nkx6.1(17) Unclassified(15) Pdx1(13) PDX1(13) Neurog3(12) Pax4(10) GM(8) neurogenin 3(8) ngn3(8) Ngn3(8) Rabbit(8) GCK(7) Mo ES-Derived Early Endoderm(7) Neurod1(7) GK(6) GLK(6) HHF3(6) HK4(6) HKIV(6) HXKP(6) MODY2(6) Nkx2.2(6) Pancreatic endocrine cells(6) ghrelin(5) Hamster(5) Insulin(5) ME2(5) Nkx2-2(5) Nkx6-1(5) Pax6(5) PTG(5) Affymetrix MG_U74Av2(4) Affymetrix Mouse430 2.0(4) Chicken(4) Gallbladder mucosal epithelium(4) Gck(4) ICDc(4) Ins1(4) Ins2(4) MCD(4) MLYCD(4) neurogenic differentiation 1(4) NK6 homeobox 1(4) pancreatic and duodenal homeobox 1(4) Pancreatic duct cells(4) Sez6l2(4) Slc2a2(4) TL1-Rosa26LCA 5B9(4) 4x44k(3) agilent whole human genome microarray(3) alpha(3) Alpha cells(3) Arx(3) batf2(3) BetaTC6(3) Birc5(3) CART(3) CDK6(3) cdx2(3) E. coli(3) Gcg(3) glucagon(3) GLUKA(3) Hadh(3) Hadhsc(3) hdac9(3) hopx(3) Hu ES-Derived Early Endoderm(3) hydroxyacyl-Coenzyme A dehydrogenase(3) INS(3) irx2(3) irx-2(3) Isl1(3) locus 2 (Drosophila)(3) Lrp11(3) mafb(3) NK2 transcription factor related(3) Nnat(3) Pancreatic Ducts(3) Prox1(3) Ptf1a(3) RNGK2(3) Rosa26LCA clone 5B9(3) Sox17(3) Sox2(3) TL1-Rosa26(LCA) 5B9(3) TL1 Rosa26LCA clone 5B9(3) Tmem27(3) 1a(2) Abcc8(2) Aequorea victoria(2) Affymetrix GeneChip Rat Genome 230 2.0 Array(2) amylase(2) argininosuccinate synthetase 1(2) Ass1(2) Atf4(2) baculoviral IAP repeat-containing 5(2) bioimage(2) Bmp1(2) Bovine(2) ccnb1(2) CD-200(2) CDCP1(2) Chromogranin A(2) Cow(2) C-peptide 1(2) ctcf(2) DDR1(2) Disp2(2) E-cadherin(2) Egr1(2) Ero1lb(2) forkhead box A2(2) Fos(2) Foxa2(2) GaS(2) GCG(2) GcgR(2) GhrlCre-eGFP(2) GL(2) Glp1r(2) Glucagon(2) Glucagon (GCG)(2) GLUT2(2) Green Fluorescent Protein(2) GUCY1B3(2) h3k4me3(2) hepatic nuclear factor 4(2) HNF1 homeobox A(2) Hnf4a(2) HNF6(2) hpa1(2) hpi2(2) hyperinsulinemic hypoglycemia(2) Idh1(2) Insm1(2) insulin(2) insulin II(2) Ipf1(2) Irs2(2) Irx2(2) Ldhd(2) lep(2) Mafa(2) MafA(2) MafB(2) ME1(2) member 2(2) member 3(2) member 8(2) MIP-GFP(2) Mo ES-Derived Definitive Endoderm(2) Mouse PancChip 6.1(2) Muc1(2) Myt1(2) Neurod(2) NEUROG3(2) Ngn3(HA.LCA)(2) Ngn3T2A.nCre(2) Nkx2.2T2A.cCre(2) NOD.Cg-Prkdcscid Il2rgtm1Wjl Tg(Ins1-EGFP/GH1)14Hara/Sz(2) NOD.Cg-Rag1tm1Mom Il2rgtm1Wjl/Sz(2) Onecut1(2) one cut domain(2) paired box gene 4(2) pancreas specific transcription factor(2) Pancreatic exocrine cells(2) Pax4(HA.LCA)Ggu(2) PAX6(2) PC(2) Pcsk1(2) Pcx(2) Pdx1CFP(2) Pdx1Cre(2) Pdx1(Cre-ER)(2) Ppy(2) Ptf1artTA(2) Reg3a(2) Reg3b(2) Rosa26228.TOP.CFP(2) Rosa26(3TF.Cherry)Mgn(2) Rosa26LCA(2) Rosa26mIre1.N906A.Cherry(2) Rosa26(Pdx1.YFP)Mgn(2) Rosa26R26-228-DR5-TA-Cerulean(2) Rosa26R26-228-IBRE4-TA-Cerulean(2) Rosa26R26-60-DR5-TA-Cerulean(2) Rosa26(TetO.NRSF)Msan(2) schad, Hadhsc(2) scrambled(2) Shh(2) SOCS-3(2) solute carrier family 2 (facilitated glucose transporter)(2) somatostatin(2) Somatostatin (Sst)(2) Sox17GFPCre(2) Sox9(2) SRY-box containing gene 2(2) Sst(2) Sst.rTTA.LCA(2) Stat1a(2) subfamily A(2) tcf7l2(2) TNF-alpha(2) transmembrane protein 27(2) UBC12 homolog, yeast(2) Ube2m(2) Wfs1(2)