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Resource Tags

This page display all tags associated with resources available on this website. A tag is a keyword or term assigned to a piece of information, such as our resources. Tags help describe our resources in ways not supported by our data standards and collection mechanisms. Tags are chosen informally and personally by the resource's creator or by its viewer. For example, should you might want to tag antibodies against Brachyury with the tag "endoderm". See the tutorial.

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AbCore(47) AdCMV-gal(1) adult(1) Bone Morphogenic Protein (or BMP)(1) cassette acceptor(1) cell sorting(1) cerulean(1) Cerulean(1) CFP(3) Cre(13) culture(1) CyT49(1) development(1) Diabetes(1) Differentiation(1) differentiation(5) diphtheria(1) directed differentation(1) directed differentiation(2) Dll1(1) DNA binding-deficient(1) dorsomorphin(1) DR5(1) DSHB(8) DTR(1) dye-swap(1) EGFP(3) endoderm(2) ER(2) ESC(4) ESR1(1) example(1) EYFP(1) FACS(15) FGF4(1) FOAX2(1) Foxa2(4) Foxa3(1) GATA6(1) Gck(3) genotyping(1) GFP(4) ghrelin(2) GK(1) Glucagon(1) glucokinase(1) H1(1) H9(1) hESC(4) HNF1A(1) HNF-3b(1) Hnf6(1) HUES-15(1) HUES-3(1) HUES-4(1) human(2) hydrogel(1) IA1(1) IHC(1) Ins1(6) ins1(1) Insm1(1) INSM1(1) Insm-1(1) Insulin(4) insulin(1) Insulin-CreER(1) ISL1(1) KCNQ1OT1(1) lacZ(2) LacZ(3) LCA(9) Luc(1) MAFB(1) Melton(1) mESC Core(40) MIP(1) mouse(2) mouse genotyping(1) MyPtf1a(1) Myt1(1) My tags(1) mytest(1) NeuroD(1) NEUROD1(1) ngn3(6) Ngn3(15) ngn3 antibody(1) ngn3 esc(1) ngn3 gerard(1) NKX2-2(1) Nkx2.2(3) Nkx6.1(1) NOD(4) OC1(1) p48 Ptf1a(1) PanChip(1) pancreas(3) pancreatic(1) pancreatic islet(1) pancreatic progenitor(1) PAX6(1) pax6(1) Pck1(1) PCSK1(1) Pdx1(10) pdx1(1) PDX1(1) Perforin(1) Pparg(1) Project prolif(1) PROX1(1) Ptf1a(9) ptf1aYFP(1) RAG(2) Rbpjl(1) RFX6(1) Rictor(2) RMCE(24) Rosa(2) Rosa26(6) SA 121(1) SA 181(1) Sassy CBP(2) SCID(2) Sox17(3) Sur1(1) TAG NGN3(1) test(1) test3(1) tet(1) tetO(1) Transportin(1) tTa(1) tTA(1) undefined(1) WFS1(1) would like to order(1) YFP(3)