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BCBC Genomics Studies Collection

Search results for Studies contributed by investigator: "Stoffers, Doris"
Study ID Study name Tags Access
1790 Pancreatic Growth after Partial Pancreatectomy and Exendin-4 Treatment Viewable
3975 8-12 week old Pdx1+/- vs Pdx1+/+ mouse littermates Ero1lb, Mouse PancChip 6.1 Mafa, Nnat, Pax4, Pdx1, pdx1, Slc2a2 Viewable
3977 Pdx1 Min6 siRNA Atf4, Bip, Dnajc10, Edem3, Ero1lb, Hspa5, Mouse PancChip 6.1 Ero1l, Nnat, Pdia4, Pdia6, Pdx1, Wfs1 Viewable
3979 ChIP-on-chip of Pdx1 binding in Min6 cells Atf4, Mouse PromoterChip 5A.0, Pdx1, Wfs1 Viewable
4474 Pdx1 Cistrome of Pancreatic Islets Viewable