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About the Antibody Core

The BCBC Antibody Core was established as part of U19 DK61244-01 Phenotypic and Functional Characterization of Beta Cell Stem Cells and is lead by Ole Madsen, Hagedorn, Denmark. The Antibody Core is a BCBC shared resource, and supports antibody distribution to BCBC members, and to the international research community at large.

Specific Aims of the BCBC Antibody Core

  1. To generate monoclonal antibodies (Mab's) towards surface markers selectively expressed during particular stages of stem cell to beta-cell maturation. Conventional hybridoma technology as well as phage-display antibody-library screening will be applied.
  2. To generate polyclonal and Mab's against selectively expressed gene products, including presumed surface markers, identified by gene-expression analyses by the cDNA-array-cores (EPconDB) of relevant stages of stem cell maturation towards beta-cells.
  3. To revitalize a series of previously generated hybridomas (banked at Hagedorn, or elsewhere) producing potentially interesting Mab's towards pluripotent pancreatic tumor cells, in order to allow further characterization of selected candidates.

Scope of the BCBC Antibody Core

  • Production and distribution of antibodies by request (generally prioritized by cost as below)
    - polyclonal rabbit antisera
    - polyclonal guinea pig antisera
    And only for uniquely important antigens
    - monoclonal antibodies
    - phage display single chain antibodies or antigen binding fragments (FAB's)
  • Distribution of antibodies donated to the Antibody Core by BCBC members
  • Refinement of monoclonal antibodies by phage display

Antibody Requests

The antibody catalog is available not only to BCBC investigators, but to the international research community at large, at various levels of access permissions. The BCBC will produce and maintain a list of available antibodies, and will rate the usefulness of the antibodies requested within the consortium. Antibodies will be made available through an online catalog and request form posted on the website. Custom requests can be made by filling out the `Request a Custom Antibody' form on the website.