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Pilot & Feasibility Program

The BCBC Pilot and Feasibility (P&F) Program provides research support for a limited time (one or two years) to enable non-BCBC investigators to explore concepts related to the mission of the BCBC that will generate sufficient data to pursue support through traditional funding mechanisms, and to interact and synergize with BCBC Investigators for the duration of the award. The P&F studies are intended to: 1) allow exploration of innovative new leads or directions for established investigators in stem cell biology, developmental and regenerative biology of the pancreas, beta cell replacement and/or reprogramming of adult cells into beta cells and 2) stimulate investigators from other fields of science to lend their expertise to research in these areas. Pilot and feasibility study support is not intended for large projects by established investigators which would otherwise be submitted as separate research grant applications.

The RFA page for current program announcements is available.

Project Descriptions

Project team leaders are flagged with a yellow star, Team Leader.

Epigenetic mechanisms involved in reprogramming pancreatic beta cell fate

Project Investigator:

Photopolymerized Hydrogels for Pancreatic Precursor Cell Differentiation

Project Investigator:

Defining the combinatorial code for beta cell specification

Project Investigator:

Homeostatic constraints on beta-cell mass

Project Investigator:

Exocrine-endocrine conversion during pancreatic injury and regeneration

Project Investigator: