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Pedro Herrera, Ph.D.

Full Professor
University of Geneva Faculty of Medicine
Department of Genetic Medicine & Development, room 9112

Faculty of Medicine, University of Geneva, Room # 9112, 1 rue Michel-Servet
Geneva , Geneva CH-1211

p. +4122 379 5225
· email
· website

Pedro Herrera, Ph.D. - Investigator Profile

Pedro L. Herrera acquired his undergraduate biology training in the University Complutense (Madrid, Spain). He received his PhD in 1994, from the University of Geneva, Faculty of Sciences (Switzerland), under the guidance of Jean-Dominique Vassalli. In 1996 he became an independent investigator at the Faculty of Medicine of Geneva after obtaining his first regular grant award from the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation. Today he is full professor at the Faculty of Medicine as well as President of the University’s Animal Ethics Committee, and Director of its Transgenic Core Facility. He is member of several international scientific committees.


Pedro investigates pancreas development, cell lineage allocation during pancreatic ontogeny, and adult pancreas regeneration using different transgenic mouse models. He pioneered the study of mouse pancreas development and carried out the first in vivo ablation of different pancreatic endocrine cell types during his thesis (Herrera et al, 1991; Herrera et al, 1994). Later, he performed the first in vivo cell lineage tracing analysis using the Cre/loxP system (Herrera, 2000), and demonstrated the existence of competence windows for beta-catenin signaling in exocrine cells during pancreatic growth (Strom et al., 2007). He has found that adult acinar cells can transdifferentiate to adipocytes with ageing and in certain pathological conditions (Bonal et al., 2009), thus seeding new light on the origin of adipose tissue and adult cell plasticity. More recently, he showed that pancreatic Neurogenin3-expressing cells, which are the precursors to all islet endocrine cell types, are strictly unipotent at the single cell level in vivo (Desgraz & Herrera, 2009). In the field of regenerative biology, he has found that the adult pancreas retains the ability of making new b-cells after their total or near total loss, and that this process reveals a high degree of cell plasticity, since the majority of the regenerated b-cells are indeed fully mature adult a-cells that have spontaneously reprogrammed to producing insulin and other b-cell-specific factors in this situation of extreme b-cell loss (Thorel et al, 2010). 

Scientific Interests/Keywords

pancreas development; beta cell development and generation; regeneration; reprogramming; cell tracing; transgenic mice

Professor , Herrera Lab

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Publication Citation
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20382751 Métrailler-Ruchonnet I, Pagano A, Carnesecchi S, Khatib K, Herrera P, Donati Y, Bron C, Barazzone Argiroffo C Bcl-2 over-expression in type II epithelial cells does not prevent hyperoxia-induced acute lung injury in mice. (2010) Am J Physiol Lung Cell Mol Physiol : (Added 2010-07-13 06:24:17.276336)
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11902693 Herrera PL Defining the cell lineages of the islets of Langerhans using transgenic (2002) Int J Dev Biol 46: 97-103 (Added 2005-08-16 11:08:37)
Resource ID Name Contributed on Primary Contributor
177 Glucagon-Cre Mar 7, 2006 Yes
178 Pdx1-EGFP Mar 7, 2006 Yes
179 Insulin-Cre Mar 7, 2006 Yes
180 Ngn3-Cre Mar 7, 2006 Yes
204 RIP-DTR X Oct 9, 2007 Yes
209 Autosomal beta-cell toxigene strain Dec 21, 2007
210 X-linked toxigene strain Dec 21, 2007
211 NOD-Rag-Perforin Akita Dec 21, 2007
212 NOD.Cg-Rag1tm1Mom Il2rgtm1Wjl/Sz Dec 21, 2007
214 NOD.Cg-Prkdcscid Il2rgtm1Wjl Tg(Ins1-EGFP/GH1)14Hara/Sz Dec 26, 2007
233 Glucagon-DTR May 6, 2008 Yes
234 Glucagon-rtTA May 6, 2008 Yes
235 RIP-DTR May 6, 2008 Yes
1121 NOD-scid IL2rgnull Mar 5, 2009
1141 NOD-Rag1null IL2rgnull Ins2Akita Mar 8, 2009
1261 NOD-Rag1nullIL2rgnullIns2Akita Mar 13, 2009
1262 NOD-scidIL2gnull Mar 16, 2009
1421 NOD-Rag1nullPrf1null Apr 20, 2009
4142 NOD-scid IL2Rγnull Nov 11, 2011
4143 NOD-Rag IL2rγnull Ins2Akita Nov 15, 2011
4156 Ins2Apple.LCA Nov 29, 2011 Yes
4287 Establish transgenic strains to lineage-trace beta- and alpha-cells in pregnant females Mar 15, 2012
4545 Sst.rTTA.LCA Sep 28, 2012
4561 Sst.rTTA.LCA Nov 28, 2012
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