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Ole Madsen, Ph.D.

Principal Investigator
Hagedorn Research Institute
Beta Cell Biology

Niels Steensens Vej 6
Gentofte, DK-2820

p. +45 4443 9197
f. +45 4443 8000
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Ole Madsen, Ph.D. - Investigator Profile

I have a longstanding interest in processes controlling beta-cell maturation. We have for several years studied pluripotent islet tumor cells - from which destinct hormone producing islet tumors could be derived from common clonal origin. More recently, we have studied processes of pancreas and islet beta-cell ontogeny. We are much interested in the signal transduction processes controlling pancreatic endocrine maturation. Much of our current focus relates to the translational aspect of developmental biology to coax pluripotent stem cell differentiation towards therapeutic beta cells for diabetes treatment. 

Our main focus with the BCBC is to generate novel antibody tools for important factors/markers for the different stages of pancreatic maturation. Such reagents will be made available through the Antibody Core.

Scientific Interests/Keywords

antibody, cell surface, epitope, extracellular, cell lineage tracing, fluorescent cells, antibody tags, cell sorting, cell separation, cell culture, antibody mediated cell purification, protocol development.

Publication Citation
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266 Polyclonal Rat IAPP raised in Rabbit Jun 2, 2003 Yes
267 Polyclonal Rat C-peptide 2 raised in Rabbit Jun 2, 2003 Yes
268 Polyclonal Rat C-peptide 1 raised in Rabbit Jun 2, 2003 Yes
269 Polyclonal Mouse C-peptide 1 raised in Rabbit Jun 2, 2003 Yes
270 Monoclonal Human Insulin raised in Mouse Jul 2, 2003 Yes
271 Polyclonal Rat PDX1 raised in Rabbit Jul 2, 2003 Yes
272 Polyclonal Rat PDX1 raised in Rabbit Jul 2, 2003 Yes
273 Polyclonal Rat Nkx6.1 raised in Rabbit Jul 2, 2003 Yes
275 Polyclonal Human ghrelin raised in Goat Sep 22, 2003 Yes
276 Polyclonal Mouse Pax6 raised in Rabbit Sep 22, 2003 Yes
277 Polyclonal Human b-catenin raised in Goat Sep 22, 2003 Yes
278 Monoclonal Mouse smooth muscle actin raised in Mouse Sep 22, 2003 Yes
279 Polyclonal Human amylase raised in Rabbit Sep 22, 2003 Yes
280 Polyclonal Human c-myc raised in Rabbit Sep 23, 2003 Yes
281 Polyclonal Rat Glut-2 raised in Rabbit Sep 23, 2003 Yes
282 Polyclonal bovine Carboxypeptidase A raised in Rabbit Sep 23, 2003 Yes
283 Polyclonal Human Chromogranin A raised in Rabbit Sep 23, 2003 Yes
284 Monoclonal Human Chromogranin A raised in Mouse Sep 23, 2003 Yes
285 Monoclonal Human Cytokeratin 7 raised in Mouse Sep 23, 2003 Yes
286 Monoclonal Human PECAM-1 raised in Mouse Sep 23, 2003 Yes
287 Polyclonal Aequorea victoria Green Fluorescent Protein raised in Rabbit Sep 23, 2003 Yes
288 Monoclonal Chicken Nkx2.2 raised in Mouse Sep 25, 2003 Yes
289 Polyclonal Rat ghrelin raised in Rabbit Sep 25, 2003 Yes
290 Monoclonal Chicken Islet-1 raised in Mouse Sep 26, 2003 Yes
294 Polyclonal Mouse PDX1 raised in Chicken May 6, 2004 Yes
295 Monoclonal Human Glucagon raised in Mouse May 28, 2004 Yes
296 Monoclonal Human Somatostatin raised in Mouse May 28, 2004 Yes
297 Monoclonal Rat Pancreatic Ducts raised in Mouse Jun 30, 2004 Yes
298 Monoclonal Rat Pancreatic Ducts raised in Mouse Jul 1, 2004 Yes
299 Monoclonal Rat Islet Delta Cells raised in Rat Jul 1, 2004 Yes
300 Monoclonal Rat Pancreatic Ducts raised in Rat Jul 1, 2004 Yes
301 Monoclonal Human Pro-Insulin raised in Mouse Jul 1, 2004 Yes
302 Polyclonal Mouse Ngn3 raised in Rabbit Jul 1, 2004 Yes
303 Polyclonal Mouse Ngn3 raised in Rabbit Jul 1, 2004 Yes
304 Monoclonal Mouse Ngn3 raised in Mouse Jul 1, 2004 Yes
305 Monoclonal Mouse Ngn3 raised in Mouse Jul 1, 2004 Yes
307 Monoclonal Rat Nkx6.1 raised in Mouse Sep 24, 2004 Yes
308 Monoclonal Rat Nkx6.1 raised in Mouse Sep 27, 2004 Yes
309 Monoclonal Rat Nkx6.1 raised in Mouse Sep 27, 2004 Yes
310 Monoclonal Rat Nkx6.1 raised in Mouse Sep 27, 2004 Yes
312 Polyclonal Mouse PDX1 raised in Goat Nov 24, 2004 Yes
313 Polyclonal Mouse PDX1 raised in Guinea Pig Nov 24, 2004 Yes
314 Polyclonal Human ghrelin raised in Rabbit Dec 17, 2004 Yes
315 Polyclonal Human ghrelin raised in Rabbit Dec 17, 2004 Yes
316 Monoclonal Rat PDX1 raised in Mouse Jan 24, 2005 Yes
317 Monoclonal Rat PDX1 raised in Mouse Aug 5, 2005 Yes
318 Monoclonal Rat PDX1 raised in Mouse Aug 5, 2005 Yes
324 Polyclonal Human Sox17 raised in Rabbit Jun 12, 2006 Yes
325 Polyclonal Human Sox17 raised in Rabbit Jun 12, 2006 Yes
331 Polyclonal Human Sox17 raised in Goat Mar 19, 2007 Yes
332 Polyclonal Mouse Shh raised in Goat Apr 11, 2007 Yes
333 Polyclonal E. coli beta Galactosidase raised in Chicken Apr 11, 2007 Yes
334 Monoclonal Aequorea victoria Green Fluorescent Protein raised in Mouse Apr 11, 2007 Yes
335 Polyclonal Mouse Ptf1a raised in Rabbit Aug 29, 2007 Yes
336 Polyclonal Mouse IA1 (Insm-1) raised in Rabbit Aug 29, 2007 Yes
346 Polyclonal Human T (Brachyury) raised in Goat Apr 9, 2008 Yes
347 Polyclonal Mouse Laminin raised in Rabbit Apr 29, 2008 Yes
348 Monoclonal Chicken Pax6 raised in Mouse Apr 29, 2008 Yes
821 Monoclonal Mouse BetaTC6 raised in Mouse Feb 6, 2009 Yes
861 Polyclonal Rat CART raised in Rabbit Feb 9, 2009 Yes
961 Monoclonal Mouse BetaTC6 raised in Mouse Feb 11, 2009 Yes
962 Monoclonal Mouse BetaTC6 raised in Mouse Feb 11, 2009 Yes
964 Monoclonal Human Disp2 raised in Mouse Feb 11, 2009 Yes
965 Monoclonal Human Disp2 raised in Mouse Feb 11, 2009 Yes
966 Polyclonal Mouse Lrp11 raised in Rabbit Feb 11, 2009 Yes
967 Polyclonal Mouse Sez6l2 raised in Rabbit Feb 11, 2009 Yes
968 Polyclonal Mouse Sez6l2 raised in Rabbit Feb 11, 2009 Yes
969 Polyclonal Human DDR1 raised in Goat Feb 11, 2009 Yes
970 Monoclonal Human DDR1 raised in Mouse Feb 11, 2009 Yes
971 Polyclonal Mouse Gpr39-1a raised in Rabbit Feb 11, 2009 Yes
972 Polyclonal Rat CART raised in Rabbit Feb 11, 2009 Yes
974 Monoclonal Rat CART raised in Mouse Feb 11, 2009 Yes
1064 Neurogenin3 deficiency and Embryonic Pancreatic Gene Expression May 25, 2007 Yes
1161 Polyclonal Mouse Carboxypeptidase A1 (CPA1) raised in Goat Mar 9, 2009 Yes
1162 Polyclonal Human Muc1 raised in Rabbit Mar 9, 2009 Yes
1163 Polyclonal Human Cleaved Notch1 raised in Rabbit Mar 9, 2009 Yes
1164 Polyclonal Human Jagged1 raised in Goat Mar 9, 2009 Yes
2201 Polyclonal Mouse DNER raised in Goat Oct 13, 2009 Yes
2222 Monoclonal Rat Shh raised in Mouse Oct 14, 2009 Yes
2223 Monoclonal Chicken Chick HNF3Beta raised in Mouse Oct 14, 2009 Yes
2263 Polyclonal Mouse Pax4 raised in Guinea Pig Oct 20, 2009 Yes
2482 Polyclonal Mouse Ngn3 raised in Goat Nov 23, 2009 Yes
2922 Wholemount Immunofluorescence Feb 12, 2010 Yes
3022 Polyclonal Mouse Irx2 raised in Rabbit Mar 4, 2010 Yes
3023 Polyclonal Mouse Arx raised in Rabbit Mar 4, 2010 Yes
3102 Polyclonal Mouse mArx raised in Guinea Pig Apr 23, 2010 Yes
3185 Monoclonal Human C-peptide raised in Rat May 1, 2004 Yes
4040 Polyclonal Human TSPAN7 raised in Rabbit Nov 2, 2010 Yes
4041 Monoclonal Human FXYD2 raised in Mouse Nov 2, 2010 Yes
4047 Polyclonal Mouse Sez6l2 raised in Rabbit Jan 7, 2011 Yes
4048 Polyclonal Human Lrp11 raised in Rabbit Jan 7, 2011 Yes
4052 Polyclonal Mouse Onecut1 raised in Guinea Pig Mar 2, 2011 Yes
4113 Polyclonal Enterobacteria phage P1 Cre raised in Guinea Pig Jul 13, 2011 Yes
4129 Polyclonal Human Ngn3 raised in Sheep Sep 27, 2011 Yes
4130 Monoclonal Mouse Pax4 raised in Mouse Sep 27, 2011 Yes
4131 Monoclonal Mouse Pax4 raised in Mouse Sep 28, 2011 Yes
4132 Monoclonal Mouse Pax4 raised in Mouse Sep 28, 2011 Yes
4133 Monoclonal Human CD142 raised in Mouse Sep 28, 2011 Yes
4134 Monoclonal Rat Beta cell, IC2 raised in Rat Sep 29, 2011 Yes
4135 Polyclonal Human CD-200 raised in Goat Sep 29, 2011 Yes
4256 Polyclonal Human HIP-14 ZDHHC17 raised in Rabbit Mar 1, 2012 Yes
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