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Emily Greenfest-Allen, Ph.D.

Research Associate
University of Pennyslvania
Institute for Biomedical Informatics

Penn Institute for Biomedical Informatics 1413 Blockley Hall 423 Guardian Drive
Philadelphia, PA 19104

p. 2155733113
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Emily Greenfest-Allen, Ph.D. - Affiliate Profile

I am a computational bioscientist whose primary expertise is not in genetics, but in the study of macroevolutionary pattern and process.  Much of my research has focused on the recognition and cause of macroevolutionary trends occurring across geologic timescales; however, in recent years I have become increasingly interested in exploring the role that developmental constraint plays in facilitating or inhibiting the generation of diversity in both fossil and modern systems. In the Stoeckert Lab, I have been working on characterizing and identifying integrated sub-networks and higher-level organizational features in gene-regulatory networks controlling cellular development, with the ultimate goal of exploring the role, if any, such network architecture plays in inhibiting or facilitating the generation of phenotypic and functional variation.

Scientific Interests/Keywords

evolution,biodiveristy,systems  biology,complexity,computational biology,development,constraint,regulatory networks

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